Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Reception for the Quinceanera

After the ceremony in the church, which emphasized the spiritual responsibilities of entering adulthood, a reception was held. The decorations were beautiful: tablecloths, covered chairs with bows, lighted cake and gift tables, etc.

The appetizers.

The meal.

Cyntia and her escort.

The musical group did a great job.

The girls and their attendants.

Cyntia at her cake and gift table.

Steve, Kent and I with Cyntia and Eunice.


~Heather~ said...

Beth, I enjoyed these pretty pictures. That is neat that Steve got to be a part of this special, beautiful occasion.

Steve Hight said...

Wow, I've seen some fancy stuff before to celebrate quinceaƱera, but nothing quite this elegant.

Yes, it's a real honor to have a role in this kind of celebration. It can mark the girl, if she's at all serious about serving the Lord, and is something that she and the family likely remember for the rest of their lives.

kayla said...

I love being able to learn about different cultures through the eyes of the missionaries who are serving so faithfully. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures and the story behind them.

sankey family said...

Just beautiful - what a special occasion. So glad that you all are there to help the girls celebrate!

Toots said...

I had to catch up on your last 5 posts on my Google reader today! I enjoyed them all so much. Thanks for keeping us "posted." : )

Kim M. said...

***I can't get over how fancy! I am sending this post to my sister Erin... she loves this type of thing. :-)***

Kent is so handsome by the way... I can't get over how much he just keeps growing and looking more and more manly these days. :-( It reminds me that these years with my boys are so precious and to cherish each moment (and I am sure I will love each moment with them as they become adults too just as you are with Kent!). You know what I mean... it just seems like a couple of months ago that I had Kent in my second grade class at SCCA and now he is all grown up.