Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On the Roof

Steve and Kent got on the roof of our house and took these pictures. I stayed safely inside - I don't do heights! :-)

The mountains in front of the house. The peaks are covered in clouds.

The mountains behind the house.

Our neighbors' backyards.

The tall "tree" behind the houses is actually a cell phone tower.

The street in front of our house, with mountains in background.

There are water tanks on all the roofs. They hold 1100 liters.

Mountains in the distance.


Joshua V. said...

Cool pics!

Gayle said...

Awesome pictures!

Vonnie said...

That is very beautiful!! I just love the houses. They have taken care to paint several different colors on the outside. That makes it interesting. Andrew will be thrilled that we are in the mountains when we come and visit!

~Heather~ said...

Nice houses and beautiful mountains!! We have a water tank too, only it only has DIRT in it, so when the water goes out, we are SUNK. =)

sankey family said...

Beautiful pics! Can't wait to get back!

Betty said...

Love the photos of your new home place!! The mountains are really pretty, too. Is your house a special color so you know which one is yours??
Love reading your blog and keeping up with your Mexican life!!

Betty J

Valorie said...

Cool view from the roof! Thanks for letting us have a glimpse into your neighborhood.