Thursday, February 25, 2010

Distributing Donated Clothing

Thank you to all who have contributed clothing to the ministry of Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico. We, and our people, really appreciate your kindness and generosity.

Pastor Cuco checks out a shirt.

Pastor Alejandro, his wife and daughter look for clothing.

Pastor's wife, Sylvia, chooses clothes for her family of 8.

Pastor Abel's wife, joins the other ladies.

Thank you for giving!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Times!

The Saltillo Bible Methodist Church had a "Welcome Back" dinner for us. Delicious food and great people.

Preparing for the meal.

Some of the Correas.

We visited the San Rafael Church and ate a meal with the Cedillo and Gonzalez families.

Holding Pastor Alejandro Cedillo's granddaughter.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kent's 18th Birthday

We want to wish our youngest child, Kent, a Happy 18th Birthday. He was born very early on Saturday, February 15, 1992. On Friday, the 14th, I taught school, prepared 6 week report cards for my students, made lesson plans for the next 6 weeks for my substitute, kept Melanie (Kuhn) Clemens (so RB and Pam could celebrate Valentine's Day), and then late in the evening Steve took me to the hospital, while RB and Pam kept Maria for us. All Steve's students were mad at me because I had Kent on a Saturday and came home on Sunday, so Steve didn't miss any school. :o)

Kent is a great kid! He keeps us laughing. :o) He's almost done with highschool and plans to attend God's Bible School this fall.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Recent Activities

Pastor Steve and Kay Vernon stand beside the van their church donated to Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico. What a blessing it is to the work here! Thank you, Greensboro Bible Methodist Church!

Many in the Alabama Conference donated items to be distributed in Mexico. The van was loaded with great resources for our people. Thank you Alabama Conference.

Faith Church in Thomasville, North Carolina donated many items, as well, and helped us acquire a large trailer, which we towed behind the van. Thank you, Faith Church!

Steve had a wonderful service at the Haven of Rest Bible Church in Galax, Virginia.

We had a great meal with our Pastors at La Boca - Pablo and Ofelia Hernandez. Wonderful people.

Steve, Marc Sankey and Pastor Dolores Hernandez sing at church in Saltillo.