Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Few Days in Pigeon Forge

It is so nice to be able to spend our summer together as a family. During the school year, Maria is in college in Cincinnati, while we are far away in Mexico. We miss her so much. We decided that before we get busy traveling and visiting churches and camps, we would take a few days to relax together in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

We played miniature golf. I scored the most points. :D

We met up with a bunch of Stetlers at the Old Mill Restaurant. Darrell, Regina, Kenny, Sherilyn, Andy are on the left; We're in the middle; and Dan, Sarah, and Joan are on the right.

Maria, Sherilyn (Stetler) Stroud, Regina and Joan.

It was a fight to the finish, but it looks to me like Sarah beat the guys in the go-kart race.

Kenny, Sarah, Dan, Darrell, Andy Stroud, Kent and Steve ready to ride go-karts.

Sherilyn, Kent and Kenny at a nighttime game of miniature golf.

Sherilyn, Kent, Kenny, Sarah and Andy.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Family Pictures

Since we are in the USA for a few months and all 4 of us are able to be together, we decided to get an updated family photo. Here are some samples.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back in the USA

We left our home in Saltillo, Mexico on Monday, June 1 and headed to the USA to begin our Share Support Tour.

We dropped off most of our things at my (Beth) parents' home in Bedford, Indiana and then headed to Rising Sun, Indiana to see Steve's family. It was great to be able to spend a week with his dad and mother, Kenneth and Jewel Stetler. We were also able to see other family members: Dan, Joan and Sarah; Darrell, Regina, Sherilyn, Andy, and Kenny; and Trilinda. What a nice time we had being with them after many months apart.

From Steve's parents' home, it is a 2-block walk to the Ohio River.

Steve's dad has beautiful flowers planted. Below you'll see a flower ready to bloom.
And here it is after it has opened.

About 15 miles away is the levee and Memorial Park in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, which is near where Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky meet.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Galeana - Part 6

The muddy road to the mission chapel in Los Encinales a few kilometers from the main church in Galeana.

If you click on and enlarge this picture you may be able to see Potosi Mountain looming in the clouds. It has about a 10,000 feet peak. We were traveling at about 6,ooo feet.

Here is some hail that fell during the typical rainy season afternoon shower.

This picture shows the hail lying on the ground amongst the trees.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Galeana - Part 5

Pastor Panchito wanted to show us a mission station he visits a couple times per month. So, he rode with us and led us through a little town, a couple villages, off the paved road, onto a gravel road and finally onto a dirt road to a tiny place called Los Encinales.

This is the chapel: dirt floor, rickety benches and lots of fresh air. They still need to get windows put in. It was chilly the day we were there. Brr!

Pastor Panchito greeting the children who live in the house next to the church. I gave them some gum and candy. So much for missionaries being helpful! Ha!

Visiting at the home of one of the parishioners.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Galeana - Part 4

This is a group of former students of Latin American Bible Institute in Donna, Texas. They are all very involved in Christian service and are a tremendous asset to Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico.

Pastor Panchito and wife.

Beautiful mountain scenery.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Galeana - Part 3

Kent with some of the young people at the service.

I really enjoyed helping the ladies serve lunch.

This little guy was so interested in Steve's camera.

Talking with my friend, Tere. She and her family have been wonderful to us.

With Pastor Panchito's wife, she's such a sweet lady.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Galeana - Part 2

Kent and his cousins, (and fellow missionary kids), Jordan, Cameron, and Logan Sankey.
The chapel in Galeana.

I was a nervous wreck when it was necessary to use these, uh, facilities, because the curtain would never quite shut, and I could see everybody outside milling around and was hoping desperately it was dark enough where I was to insure a bit of privacy.

The crowd was too big for the chapel so the benches were moved outside and we had the service there. One of the hens laid an egg during the morning message and her clucks of satisfaction almost drowned out the preacher.

Some people really don't want Kent to leave Mexico. ;-)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Galeana - Part 1

A couple Sundays ago, we made our way through the mountains to a village church in Galeana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It was our first time to visit this church. The scenery was beautiful as we made our way, first on a 4-lane "highway", then turning on to a 2-lane, curvy, mountainous road, and finally, onto a dirt pathway where we were able to park. They were doing some road work and the rainy season has started so the muddy results are visible on our vehicle. This was just getting to church. It got much worse before the day was over. :-) By the way, many of you have given to our vehicle repair needs, and we want to thank you and report that the Mountaineer is running well and is being used daily in ministry in Mexico.

Scenery at the church.

The crowd begins to gather for service.

Here are some more people coming to church,

Here I am making my way through the cacti and mud to get to church. I tiptoed carefully around the dogs, cats, roosters, geese, hens and chicks, as well. :-)

There are several more posts and lots more pictures of our trip to Galeana, so keep checking back.