Monday, June 1, 2009

Galeana - Part 1

A couple Sundays ago, we made our way through the mountains to a village church in Galeana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It was our first time to visit this church. The scenery was beautiful as we made our way, first on a 4-lane "highway", then turning on to a 2-lane, curvy, mountainous road, and finally, onto a dirt pathway where we were able to park. They were doing some road work and the rainy season has started so the muddy results are visible on our vehicle. This was just getting to church. It got much worse before the day was over. :-) By the way, many of you have given to our vehicle repair needs, and we want to thank you and report that the Mountaineer is running well and is being used daily in ministry in Mexico.

Scenery at the church.

The crowd begins to gather for service.

Here are some more people coming to church,

Here I am making my way through the cacti and mud to get to church. I tiptoed carefully around the dogs, cats, roosters, geese, hens and chicks, as well. :-)

There are several more posts and lots more pictures of our trip to Galeana, so keep checking back.

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