Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Galeana - Part 2

Kent and his cousins, (and fellow missionary kids), Jordan, Cameron, and Logan Sankey.
The chapel in Galeana.

I was a nervous wreck when it was necessary to use these, uh, facilities, because the curtain would never quite shut, and I could see everybody outside milling around and was hoping desperately it was dark enough where I was to insure a bit of privacy.

The crowd was too big for the chapel so the benches were moved outside and we had the service there. One of the hens laid an egg during the morning message and her clucks of satisfaction almost drowned out the preacher.

Some people really don't want Kent to leave Mexico. ;-)

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Tamra said...

Ok. That bathroom would freak me out!! ;) Adorable photo of Karla and Kent!