Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Few Days in Pigeon Forge

It is so nice to be able to spend our summer together as a family. During the school year, Maria is in college in Cincinnati, while we are far away in Mexico. We miss her so much. We decided that before we get busy traveling and visiting churches and camps, we would take a few days to relax together in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

We played miniature golf. I scored the most points. :D

We met up with a bunch of Stetlers at the Old Mill Restaurant. Darrell, Regina, Kenny, Sherilyn, Andy are on the left; We're in the middle; and Dan, Sarah, and Joan are on the right.

Maria, Sherilyn (Stetler) Stroud, Regina and Joan.

It was a fight to the finish, but it looks to me like Sarah beat the guys in the go-kart race.

Kenny, Sarah, Dan, Darrell, Andy Stroud, Kent and Steve ready to ride go-karts.

Sherilyn, Kent and Kenny at a nighttime game of miniature golf.

Sherilyn, Kent, Kenny, Sarah and Andy.


The Alabama Messners said...

Looks like you guys had a blast with your family! Love all of you and looking forward to seeing you this week!

REJunod said...

I can just imagine, knowing a few of the Stetlers, just how much fun you all actually had!!! It's always fun to get with family, and looks like you had a lot of it!!!

Hope and Pray your tour goes well.

God bless you all,

Joe said...

looks like so much fun! i'm glad it worked out for you all to do that! you needed it!

Joe said...

btw...i usually am among the highest scorers in miniature golf as well! we pretty much pone everyone else! :)

Ashley said...

Looks like you had lots of fun!

Ronda said...

So nice that you could spend some QT as a family! Looks like you had lots of fun making special memories.
Your new family pictures are just BEAUTIFUL. I like them all! :)
Looking forward to ya'll coming to our church...(It was great to see you at camp.)