Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I've been tagged

Michelle has "tagged" me, and since I'm bored out of my gourd, and have nothing else to do but tell you 7 random things about me, here goes:

1. I was born in Guatemala and have lived in Honduras, the US, and soon Mexico.
2. I like to be alone.
3. I join Michelle (Hight) in the trauma of seeing Tom the Turkey die so that I could eat Thanksgiving dinner in Honduras, where they've never heard of Thanksgiving. My mom (she is something else!) wielded the instrument of death and the huge galvanized washtub was full of blood. I'll never forget!
4. None of my family lives near me (south Texas). My brother is 500 miles away (Mexico). My Mom and Dad are 1400 miles away (Indiana) . And my sister is 5000 miles away (Alaska). I miss them, but I love living in Texas.
5. I think 25 is the perfect age.
6. I don't like to procrastinate.
7. I am a morning person.


I guess it's high time I post again. This pic was taken by Steve in San Antonio.

We are all doing well. Steve is busy learning Spanish, Kent is enduring home school, and Maria is loving GBS. I am happy.

I went to the Dentist yesterday... in Mexico ... how many of you would be anxious to do that?