Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Santa Apolonia

Santa Apolonia is a small town near the US border and the Gulf of Mexico. In the past 2 years it frequently has been so besieged by violence, that Pastor Chito on various occasions has called or texted to advise us not to visit. 

When we are able to visit, it is a joy to share with these sweet, committed servants of the Lord.

Please keep Pastor Jose (Chito) Cruz and his family in your prayers, as they labor in this difficult area.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

We wish we could have spent Father's Day 2012 with our Dads, Kenneth Stetler and Leonard Sankey; but, it was a privilege to spend it with the special people of the Bible Methodist Church in Rio Bravo, Mexico.

At the conclusion of the regular service, all the fathers went to the front and the rest of the congregation came forward to express their appreciation to these Godly men.

Eli, Santiago and Rolando...

Steve, Dario and Ruperto.

We were blessed to have both of our kids here to help celebrate Father's Day. Tomorrow we head north to visit the Bible Methodist summer camps and continue with our Share Support services. This past week we completed 5 years of service with Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico and, Lord willing, this summer and fall we will be raising funds for our next 4 year term.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Galeana - Part 3

During the visit to the village of Puerto de Pastores, a service was held. Here is a picture of a lamb that came to church.

A group shot of the attendees, with Pastor Panchito on the left and Steve on the right.

Lovely ladies ...

A sweet little girl ...

Mission Chapel in the Sierra Madre Mountains ...

Saltillo Pastor Dolores Hernandez and Galeana Pastor Francisco (Panchito) de la Rosa ...

The home of one of the parishioners ...

Simple buildings in the Sierra Madres in Nuevo Leon, Mexico ...

Preparing for a meal in Puerto de Pastores ...

Some of the men visiting outside.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Galeana - Part 2

Pastor Francisco (Panchito) de la Rosa and his wife, joined Saltillo Pastor Dolores Hernandez and Steve as they traveled about 20 minutes out of Galeana to a little mountain village called El Encinal. 

A gorgeous little guy who came to the service.

Our 13-year-old Mountaineer, faithfully gets us where we need to go, but this weekend some of the electrical systems quit and none of the windows will work. Steve had to travel with his window down in spite of dirt roads and 107 degree heat! Then he had to try to find a safe place to park, since his window was stuck open. We have it in the shop now, hoping for an easy, inexpensive resolution.

A beautiful view of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains from the window of the Bible Methodist Mission Chapel in El Encinal, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Pastor Panchito leading the singing for the Saturday afternoon service.

Pastor Dolores with part of the congregation.

Singing during the service.


A pretty little girl who came to church.

Beautiful ladies at the church service.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Galeana - Part 1

Very early Saturday morning, Steve headed across the border near Reynosa, Mexico loaded down with tracts (that the young people in Saltillo have taken on as a project for impacting their city), flip-flops (for distribution to those who need shoes) and child evangelism supplies (for Sunday Schools and VBS). He was able to make it through two immigration inspections with no problems, for which we thank the Lord.

Four hours later, he arrived in the large city of Saltillo and picked up Pastor Dolores Hernandez Mata and his son, Jaziel. He was able to visit with several of the youth and others in the church who had gathered to make tamales. From there they continued an hour south to the little town of San Rafael, where they left Jaziel to play with his cousin, Dante.

Then they drove a couple more hours to the village of Galeana, high in the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains. They were able to visit Pastor Francisco (Panchito) de la Rosa and his wife in their home, where they were served a delicious meal of cactus (both the stem and the flower), fish, tortillas, agave honey with cheese and fresh, warm agave juice.

Outside of Pastor Panchito's home.

This couple has worked tirelessly for 4 decades in this mountainous area of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. They are so, so sweet! Pastor Panchito has good memories of some of the United Holiness people from Michigan visiting with them in Galeana, before the work was turned over to the Bible Methodists.

The beautiful Sierra Madre mountains. (I'm thankful for electricity, but I really wish those lines weren't in these pictures!). ;o)

Visiting with some of Pastor Panchito's faithful church people.