Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

We wish we could have spent Father's Day 2012 with our Dads, Kenneth Stetler and Leonard Sankey; but, it was a privilege to spend it with the special people of the Bible Methodist Church in Rio Bravo, Mexico.

At the conclusion of the regular service, all the fathers went to the front and the rest of the congregation came forward to express their appreciation to these Godly men.

Eli, Santiago and Rolando...

Steve, Dario and Ruperto.

We were blessed to have both of our kids here to help celebrate Father's Day. Tomorrow we head north to visit the Bible Methodist summer camps and continue with our Share Support services. This past week we completed 5 years of service with Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico and, Lord willing, this summer and fall we will be raising funds for our next 4 year term.

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The Dickinsons said...

It looks like Steve had a good Father's day. I enjoyed seeing these pics. So GLAD both of your kids could be home. Yea! =)

I trust that your trip to the summer camps and your share support trip goes great! =)

Congrats on 5 years touching lives in Mexico.