Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Galeana - Part 2

Pastor Francisco (Panchito) de la Rosa and his wife, joined Saltillo Pastor Dolores Hernandez and Steve as they traveled about 20 minutes out of Galeana to a little mountain village called El Encinal. 

A gorgeous little guy who came to the service.

Our 13-year-old Mountaineer, faithfully gets us where we need to go, but this weekend some of the electrical systems quit and none of the windows will work. Steve had to travel with his window down in spite of dirt roads and 107 degree heat! Then he had to try to find a safe place to park, since his window was stuck open. We have it in the shop now, hoping for an easy, inexpensive resolution.

A beautiful view of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains from the window of the Bible Methodist Mission Chapel in El Encinal, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Pastor Panchito leading the singing for the Saturday afternoon service.

Pastor Dolores with part of the congregation.

Singing during the service.


A pretty little girl who came to church.

Beautiful ladies at the church service.

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