Thursday, July 2, 2009

Heartland Bible Methodist Camp

It was a privilege for our family to represent Mexico Bible Methodist Missions at the Heartland Camp in Ohio. We had a great time with the wonderful people there.

Our family singing in the Missions Service. It looks like I'm a pirate with a wooden leg. ARRGH. :o)

Steve speaking in the Missions Service. Thanks to Daryl and Marilyn M. for the pictures.

Maria and Kent with their cousin's (Dan Stetler's kids): Julia, Paul, Elisa and Sarah.

Steve and I with Steve's brother, Dan, his wife, Joan, and their oldest daughter, Aimee Snider.

Loading up the jeep, something we'll do a lot of in the next few months.

Nate Davison, Julia, Paul, Maria and Elisa Stetler playing Scrabble in the dining hall.

Kent and Maria eating lunch with their friends before we left camp.

Amber waves of grain across the road from the camp.


Gayle said...

It was so nice getting to see you all. We really enjoyed your service. The song you all sang was beautiful! Thanks for getting the bug off my back:)

Melanie C. said...

Enjoyed the pictures...your wooden leg(!) was quite attractive...! haha
...looks like camp was fun!

sankey family said...

Love these pictures of one of my favorite places! The picture of y'all singing was beautiful - what song did you sing?

Stephanie said...

Ya'll were just "down the street" from us! Too bad our church camp is always at the same time. So many of my friends so close, and I'm in Indiana! :(

Janet Sankey said... your pics, etc. "The fields are "white unto harvest". Nice thought with your wheat field pics. Sure enjoyed being with you this week...Be glad when you get home....

Ronda said...

Again..It was so nice to see you all at camp! I really enjoyed hearing you guys speak and sing...Awesome job! :)
Hope that you will have a great summer...