Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Traveling Through Mexico

An adobe house in the village of La Boca.

Our vehicle is surrounded by cacti on a very narrow road in the village of La Boca.

Donkeys on the bumpy, dirt road between San Rafael and La Boca.

These shrines are very common along the roads in Mexico.

A sunset near Monterrey, Saddleback Mountain is at right.

We saw an IV line on this cactus, do you think it needed fluids? :-)


Vonnie said...

Hmmmm, that IV line is interesting!! The pictures are beautiful!

Kim M. said...

Those are really neat pictures! I love it when you post the pictures out in the country like this.
We have really enjoyed seeing Kent around here. He is always such a big hit with the young people.

Janet Sankey said...

That IV line on the cactus is hilarious. Maybe it had something to do with the barb wire fence, but I have yet to figure the connection (no pun intended). The sunset and scenery pics are just beautiful. We sure did enjoy having Kent here for a few days.