Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The 1st Day of Bible Institute Classes

What an exciting time it was, as we began our first classes in the Mexico Bible Methodist Bible Institute. Several of our Pastors and other young people and adults attended the sessions which were held today. Other students will join in as the week progresses.

Today's cooks were from our church in La Florida.

Kent videos the classes.

Enjoying our meal.

Our classes were held in the Rio Bravo Bible Methodist Church.

Institute President Eli Balderas speaks to the students.

Conference Leader Homero Luna teaches a "Leadership" class.


sankey family said...

awesome report! Wish I could be there with you all.

The Going Blog said...

What an exciting time for the work there in Mexico! Those flower arrangements are beautiful at the front of the church. Tonight I will be sharing with our church what is going on with our Bible Methodist missions (monthly meeting). Thanks for all the current news. It really helps us feel connected :-)

Vonnie said...

Very neat!! Exciting!

Uncle John said...

I am so THANKFUL for you guys! You are GREAT Missionaries! I'm enjoying the time with Steve... had a great meal (which kept me up about 2 hrs during the nite) at a neat little Mexican Rest. on the Plaza in the center of Rio Bravo with Steve last nite! Wish you were here Beth!