Sunday, August 31, 2008

We Ate ...

While Mom and Dad were here we went several places to eat.

One was Pollo Loco (which literally means "crazy chicken")! :-) They serve chicken, beans, rice, tortillas, cole slaw, french fries and chips and salsa. So, so good!

We also ate at the Penas. Great food and wonderful people!

The Correas served us a delicious meal, as well.

And, we ate with the campmeeting crowd.


Vonnie said...

That looks like alot of gooooood eating!!

Ronda said...

Sounds like ya'll have been eating good! :)

sankey family said...

Yum....can't wait to be eating that good again. And we've gotta try Pollo Loco when we get to Saltillo; never been there.
Love and miss you guys!
3 months from today we should be heading south!

sankey family said...

eating that good "food", that is...and never been to pollo loco, not saltillo. lol...maybe i should quit for tonight.