Friday, August 15, 2008

Dad Preaching in Saltillo

The Saltillo Bible Methodist Church asked Dad (Leonard Sankey) to be the evangelist for their annual camp. We are so glad he (and Mom) could come - I'll post some pictures of that later.

A view of the congregation.

Dad preaching.

Visiting after church with Pastor Dolores and others.

Prayer around the altar.

The sermons were excellent and the Lord met with us. God is good.


Vonnie said...

So nice to see the pictures!

Cindy said...

Aww...I kinda like my pastor, even if he is a tease :) Glad they could come be with you!

Kim M. said...

I'm glad he can still have the opportunity to preach in Spanish. He is a proud dad; I know that!
Great pictures!

sankey family said...

I just love all these pictures! My heart is there, I can tell you that. I know Mom and Dad had a wonderful time. Love you all!