Saturday, August 9, 2008

Alabama Youth Camp

Our kids were so happy to be able to attend Alabama Bible Methodist Youth Camp this year. A special "Thank-you" to the Burlington Bible Methodist Church for allowing Kent and Maria to ride with you to youth camp.

Maria and Joe in the dining hall, (with our friend Kaitlyn Herron in the background).

Kent and Jac C. They are crazy!

Our kids with the Burlington crew.

Kent and his cousin, Kenny. Double Trouble!!


Ronda said...

Love the pics of your kids...they are so cute! Glad they had fun at youth camp! Joe and Maria have sparkles in their eyes, I do believe! :) What a special time in their lives!

Vonnie said...

Nice that Maria could see Joe while she was there. Glad both of your kids could go... I thought it was just Kent that went. (that rhymed :)

meluvzmb said...

It was awesome that Maria and Kent could go with us on the way up to youth camp thay are blast:)