Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Maria spent the summer with us here in Mexico. It was so nice for the 4 of us to be together as a family again. While she was here she made some special friendships with the young people in Saltillo. Below are some pictures of her last night at church.

Meli, Noemi, Kent, Maria, Carla and Cesia.

Carla, Maria, Jose Luis, and Meli.

Teresa and her friend with Maria.

Alonso and Maria.

Now she is on her way back to God's Bible School in Cincinnati to continue her college education. We are sad to be without her, but are happy she is seeking God's will in her life.


Vonnie said...

She's still too little to be "on her own", I think. :)

The Going Blog said...

I've been thinking of you all and her time for school to be starting. I know your hearts are torn. Thank you for being our hands extended to those precious people there in Mexico. Your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.

Brenda said...

Hooray! I'm sad for you that you'll be without Maria, but I am really looking forward to having her back with me in the office! :-)

Steve Hight said...

How'd camp go? Are you going to post about it?

I don't guess we'll see Maria. Because of the paving of the church parking lot there was no prayer meeting tonight, and Kathy and I will be away on the weekend, and I suppose right after that Maria will be in Cincinnati. Such is life!

Tamra said...

Sorry you have to say goodbye, but glad you had an enjoyable summer together as a complete family!

Ronda said...

How precious that you all were able to spend your summer together as a family...I am sure that you made wonderful memories! Goodbyes are not easy...hope you all are "OK" and that Maria has a great school year!

sankey family said...

I know it's sad for you all, Steve, Beth and Kent...wish we were there with you! Not that it would'm sure Maria enjoyed her summer with you in Saltillo!
Maria, will I see you in Indiana? I'll be there on Monday - Jordan, Cameron, and I.
Love you guys!

Kim M. said...

I got to see Maria this weekend. Really enjoyed seeing her around and teasing her ;-)
I tried to pinch her cheeks b/c she and Joe are so cute. :-D