Saturday, November 27, 2010

Zacatecas - Part 1

It was very early on a beautiful Saturday morning, as we headed out through the mountains to the tiny villages of Sabana Grande and San Antonio in the state of Zacatecas.

We stopped part way on the trip and ate our breakfast by the side of the road at an altitude of 8710 feet. The benches for the people to sit on during the services were tied on top of the vehicle.

The dirt roads were very rough and rocky and as we neared the site for our first service, we discovered that one of the vehicles had 2 flat tires. We were literally in the middle of nowhere. Marc and Steve got the tires off, but the lug nuts sheared off, so even if we were able to get the tires repaired, we had no way to hold them on.

We were grateful for the two men from a nearby village who stopped to help us.
It took all day, but we eventually got back on the road.

Some of the children holding their copies of "Jesus, My Very Best Friend." What a joy to be able to give them good books that tell them of God's love.

Pastor Dolores Hernandez, Steve Stetler and Marc Sankey with the two men who helped us get the tires repaired and new lug nuts purchased. We paid them for their help and gave them Bibles.
Many of the drug cartel members live in this area and the local people were very concerned that we had to travel after dark to get back home. We are thankful for God's protection and care for us.

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