Friday, November 12, 2010

60th Anniversary - Part 2

All the grandchildren (and 1 great-grandchild) that were present for the celebration.

These are the 3 youngest grandsons. They were born a year apart: Benjie in 1991, Kent in 1992 and Kenny in 1993. They are all in different Bible Colleges: Hobe Sound Bible College, God's Bible School and College and Union Bible College. We just didn't think it'd be wise to let them all loose at the same one! ;o)

The cake I made (Kay Vernon's Diet Coke Cake Recipe).

The Monte Stetler family that was present.

Kenneth and Jewel Stetler and his siblings (Emma Highlander, Pat Burris, Margie Poe and Monte Stetler) that were present.

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sankey family said...

And what would I need to do to secure a piece of that Diet Coke Cake? ;-) looks delish!