Wednesday, November 10, 2010

60th Anniversary - Part 1

We were happy to be able to make the trip from Mexico in August to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Steve's parents.

Frances (4th child), Darrell (3rd), Dan (1st), Trilinda (6th), David (2nd) and Steve (5th), with their parents, Kenneth and Jewel Stetler.

Dan and Joan with daughters Sarah and Aimee (Paul, Julia and Elisa were not able to attend).

David and Marsha with Benjie, Alisha, Kelly, Denisa and Brent (Kendall and Sherry were unable to attend).

Darrell and Regina with Kenny, Sherilyn and Andy, Merrilee and Brett (Brant, Darrell Lee, Lizzie and family were unable to attend).

Steve, Beth, Maria and Kent.
Keep checking back for a couple more posts on this great celebration.

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