Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday School

Each Sunday I teach a class of 10-12 year-old kids. Challenge #1: It's all in Spanish. Challenge #2: There is no curriculum. Challenge #3 - Class lasts for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Here I am reading a story (Arch Books in Spanish) to my Sunday School class.

My class. I print off worksheets from Calvary Chapel Children's Ministry Website. It is free (I love that!) :-) and they have both Spanish and English versions of their curriculum.

Writing the scripture verse on the board.


Janet Sankey said...

Wow, (my little girl) in action!!!
Love it...Of course, I've watched you in action for a long time and I like what I see....Have a wonderful Resurrection Day. Love you so much. Mom

sankey family said...

Great pics, Beth. I'd be happy to help you order curriculum that I use in the Intermediate level. I know you'll be leaving soon, though, and wouldn't get the full benefit of it. Cameron will miss having Aunt Beth as his teacher.

Ronda said...

Fun pictures! What a beautiful SS teacher! :)

~Heather~ said...

May God really help you as you teach these precious children. I know that it is not easy...and hour and 15 mins. sounds like a long time to teach in English let alone in Spanish. =)

Kim M. said...

The song "Deep & Wide" can only be sung so many times huh. Yes, that is a really long time!
Just kidding about "Deep & Wide", I am sure you are creative to come up with more than that. :-)