Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bible Institute

Here are some scenes from the Bible Institute Classes which are being held this week in Saltillo, Mexico.

This is part of the group eating a delicious meal of beans, salsa, scrambled eggs and tortillas. Sylvia Hernandez is in charge of the meals this week and she is doing a terrific job!! Yum! :-)

Some of the students in class.

Institute President, Eli Balderas, teaching a class.

Trying on glasses which were donated by an opthalmologist in Texas.

Instructor, Shane Craycraft, from Ohio, demonstrating 1st Aid techniques, much to the dismay of Field Director, Marc Sankey. :-)


Tamra said...

The food has been wonderful! Wish you would have also gotten a photo of Marc after Shane "threw" him over the chair. :)

collette said...

What's wrong, Marc? That Heimlich not setting too well??