Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Saturday

We left Saltillo and crossed through these beautiful, desert mountains. We stopped at the top and took a picture of the valley below. You can see the road coming out of the brown valley near the center of the picture.

We stopped by the Balderas' home in San Rafael and dropped off items the Sankeys had collected to help with the children's ministries held in surrounding villages. The Balderas' have about 60 children attending their special services and told us they would like us to help them find a pastor to start a church, since several adults are now attending along with their children. What a wonderful opportunity!

Joe, Maria and Kent in the village of La Boca.

Blooming cacti.

Pretty orange cactus blossom.

We pulled off the side of the road to avoid running into this truck, with his big load of corn stalks.

It was so, so dry and dusty, there were many huge dust devils on the valley floor.

Kent, Joe and Maria eating beans, rice, picadillo and tortillas at Pastor Alejandro's in San Rafael.
Along with pastoring his home church in San Rafael, Pastor Alejandro is reopening the church in the tiny town of San Joaquin and is also holding services in the nearby village of La Navidad.

We passed these mountains on the southside of Saltillo, as we headed back home. We are so encouraged to see how God is working with Bible Methodist Missions in Mexico. Our existing churches are growing and then reaching out to new places and people with the message of the Gospel.


sankey family said...

Awesome day! So glad you're our coworkers - and so encouraged about what God is doing for all of us! See ya tonight.

Ronda said...

Enjoyed all of your pictures! Looks like you are having an awesome time with your kids being home...Everyone looks so happy! :)

Joe said...

Thanks so much for everything! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my visit to Mexico! Maybe next time it will work out for me to stay a little longer.

Vonnie said...

This is a great post! Love all the pictures and having been to several of those places makes it all real!! Love you guys tons!