Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Going to Church and Eating in Oaxaca

Steps leading up the mountain, from the home where Steve stayed in Oaxaca City.

This trail, which has been cut into the side of the mountain, leads to the church.

These 3 sand bags, (the green one is breaking open), serve to bridge the gap between the stairs and the trail.

Steps leading from the home where Steve stayed to the street below.

Steps leading to the Bible Methodist Church in Oaxaca City.

Our fearless leader, Rev. John Parker, climbs the steps to church.

Green cactus, red chili peppers, Oaxaca cheese, onions and cilantro.

Chicken enchiladas, with black mole (that's moe-lay, a Mexican food, not mole, a burrowing mammal) :-), topped with cilantro, onion, and cheese (similar to feta).

Chicken broth, with cabbage, habanero peppers, mushrooms, onions, cactus and chicken.

Steve drinking coconut milk.


Janet Sankey said...

Wow, impressive pictures...what is it about pictures painting a thousand words...? I don't think that's the quote, but your pics just tell the whole story, huh? Thanks for sharing...

The Going Blog said...

I think it is either up or down in Qaxaca. Great pictures, thanks for sharing.

Vonnie said...

Glad it's Steve trying out all the different food! I think I might have a hard time.... unless I was really hungry. :)

Kim M. said...

I love seeing these pictures.
That's a great picture of Steve drinking the coconut milk!