Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oaxaca City

These are scenes from Oaxaca City. It is a quaint, old town in Southern Mexico.

Above: Charming restaurant in an interior, but, open-air patio. Below: Beautiful hostess.

Stone streets, lined by older buildings in subdued tones on the left and colorful newer ones on the right, with the Sierra Madre mountains in the background

A large antique wooden door, framed in carved stone.

A military band prepares to play in the plaza.

An outdoor cafe.

Steve Stetler, Marc Sankey, and John Parker.

Tree-lined plaza and Spanish architecture.


Janet Sankey said... your pics of Oaxaca, etc. So very interesting. Of course, the three "amigos" look too tired to be up to much...but nice to put them in with the scenery, too:-).

sankey family said...

Can't wait to visit here in August. Wish y'all were going with us, though!

Ronda said...

Love the beautiful pictures! :)

The Alabama Messners said...

What a beautiful looking city!
Love the picture of Steve on the phone! ha!