Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Special Lady

My Grandma Ferguson just celebrated her 95th birthday. She cares for herself, has a great sense of humor, goes to church every time the doors are open and prays for 100s of people every day. We are thankful that we were able to spend some time with her while we were in Indiana.

Steve and I with Grandma

Mom and I with Grandma


Toots said...

Enjoyed the pictures, Beth. I have never met your Grandmother but realized that Ferguson was your mother's maiden name. It's wonderful she's able to to so much at 95!

Vonnie said...

Nice pictures...we sure do have a pretty mom don't we?? And I am thankful to have a praying Grandma!!

The Going Blog said...

What a heritage you have girl! That is wonderful that your Grandma is doing well at 95. This is a side note but I'm so thankful for you allowing God to use you there in Mexico. Your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. God Bless!

David & Kristi Flinck said...

Finally found your blog again. Great to catch up with what the Lord has been doing in and through your family. We leave for RGBI in 2 weeks to finish 2nd semester. It won't be the same without Steve, your family, and the other families from your class.

Kim M. said...

I love your Grandma Ferguson... she is always a welcome blessing at church.
Great picture of y'all~~~