Monday, July 28, 2008

Campmeeting in the Country

Sunday we made the two and a half hour trip to San Ildefonso. It is about 80 miles into the mountains. The first 50 miles take about an hour, but the last 30 miles take 90 minutes! The road is not paved, it is rutted and curvy. But the scenery is beautiful!

The folds of a mountain with a fertile valley below.

A small village along the way.

A closer view of the village.

The mountains, valleys and canyons with desert vegetation.

The road ran right on the edge of the mountains. "Sharp rocks at the bottom? Most likely!"

A man and his little boy hitched a ride part way up the mountain.

We still have a long way to go.

The road falls away to the right.

Following Daniel Pena from San Rafael.

I will post more pictures of campmeeting soon.


Kim M. said...

Wow, what a drive! Thanks for sharing those pictures. Happy 25th anniversary too!

sankey family said...

This is awesome! now on to part 2.

Springer Family said...

Wow you were in my stomping grounds. San Ildefonso was my very first home in Mexico right after I was born. I have lots of camp memories. Our camp was in a tent though.Glad ya'll had fun.


David & Kristi Flinck said...

Thanks for the ride (tour). Looking forward to reading part 2