Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Trip Through Mexico - Part 1

Day 1 (Saturday, February 15) - We would appreciate your prayers as Steve, Brennan and Ivon travel to Oaxaca over the next week or so. Even though the car was jam-packed and loaded with Sunday School supplies, child evangelism materials, Christmas gifts, used clothing, Bibles and tracts, they made it through the Mexican customs and immigration process with no problems. They plan to attend services tomorrow in the central Mexico villages of Cuchicuato and Pedregales, Guanajuato. On Monday, they will travel to the Bible Methodist Church in Oaxaca City and on Tuesday, go on to San Gabriel in southwest Mexico. Pray for God's guidance and direction as this is the area the Muirs hope to move to in a few months. On Friday, they will begin their journey north and plan to visit our churches in Nuevo Leon and Coahuila.

Day 3 (Monday, February 17) - Steve, Brennan and Ivon arrived in Guanajuato (central Mexico) Saturday evening. They participated in church services in Cuchicuato Sunday a.m. and Pedregales Sunday p.m. We are so thankful for God's help to Steve as he preached in both services with several individuals coming forward for prayer. The church people and pastors are so enjoying meeting and interacting with the Muirs. Today they will travel several hours south to Oaxaca City. Thank you for praying.

Day 4 (Tuesday, February 18) - The travelers made it to Oaxaca City last night. Today they are to drive 120 miles to San Gabriel. The roads are very curvy, narrow and rough so it will probably take them about 6 hours to make that trip. They are scheduled for services in 2 different places this evening, so it will be a BUSY day. For the next 3 days they won't have cell service, but they may be able to send a message from an internet cafe.

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