Saturday, September 7, 2013

District Rally - Part 2

We had a long and busy, but wonderful day in Nuevo Leon. We woke up in Saltillo before 6, and arrived in Galeana high up in the Sierra Madre Mountains at 9:30. The service finally got underway around 11:30 and went to 1:30. We had a great meal of chicken, rice and tortillas at 2 and the afternoon service started at 3. It went until 5 and then we all said our goodbyes and got on the road so we could get home before dark. 5 churches cooperated for this District Rally and the benches were filled and many sat on the floor of the chapel and outside. Our people had such a great time of worship and fellowship together. We thank God for His help and we thank you for your prayers!

We had a delicious meal of grilled chicken, rice and tortillas.

Very typical details: Flowering bush, water tank, extra tire, adobe house, newly run electric line, colorful wooden door, sombrero, moustache, plaid shirt, decorative belt, knit pants.


Very typical details: Water bottles, laundry on the line, wash tubs, buckets, adobe houses, shaded outdoor gathering area, extra fire wood, propane tank, old plastic sign used as a roof tarp.

Cute kids!!

Cactus with fruit they call "tuna."

 Group from Galeana sings.

 Group from La Boca sings.

 Group from San Rafael sings.

Group from Saltillo sings.

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