Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February Trip - Part 3

On Thursday, February 7, Steve left Texas and traveled 4 hours southwest to the city of Saltillo, Coahuila. He spent the night at the home of Saltillo Pastor Dolores Hernandez and his wife, Sylvia.  On Friday, he and Pastor Dolores headed south about 8 hours to Leon, Guanajuato, where they picked up Bro. Tim Keep and Brennan Muir at the airport. Then they stopped to eat some delicious tacos al pastor.

Later they drove to Cuchicuato, Guanajuato and ate a wonderful meal at the home of Pastor Cuco (in the center of the picture below, with his wife, Rosa, on the left and Pastor Dolores, Steve and Bro. Tim on the right).

One of the interesting foods they ate was pickled pig skin.

Here is some freshly fried pork skin.

Pastor Dolores, Bro. Tim, Brennan and Pastor Cuco.

The room where Bro. Tim and Brennan stayed.

The home where all the guys stayed on Friday-Sunday nights.

Special thanks to Brennan Muir for these pictures!

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