Friday, October 29, 2010

Youth Campout - Part 1

We traveled from our home in Saltillo on this nice black-topped road, drinking in the beautiful scenery along the 13 mile stretch.

Then we turned onto this dirt and gravel road. It was 12 slow miles of bumps, rocks and holes.

But, there was beautiful scenery here, as well.

We arrived at the campground and Steve captured this scene from inside an abandoned adobe building.

Here is a group shot of the young and not-so-young. :o)

Keep checking back, the best is yet to come.

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sankey family said...

I love the shot from inside that's postcard material - but then again - would there be a market for postcards from Cuahuatemoc? lol How would you say, "Been there, got stuck" in Spanish?
I'm assuming you're about to hit us with the mud pictures - brace yourselves, everyone!