Friday, October 1, 2010

Maria's Apartment

This is Maria's Senior Year in College. She has lived in the Girl's Dorm the previous years. But, GBS had so many young ladies that there was not enough room for them in the dorm. So, Maria and 3 of her friends were moved into an on-campus apartment. Here is a picture of the front porch.

Steve hung her black and white prints on the wall and we bought the chunky candles to liven up the old fireplace.

Maria's part of the room.

Her study alcove.


sankey family said...

So pretty - love it!

Charity said...

So much more fun than a dorm- playing house!

Kim M. said...

I bet she LOVES this! I know I would!

Brenda said...

That's great! I didn't realize she was out of the dorm. If I was still there, we would have been her next door neighbor! :-)