Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Christmas Wedding

A beautiful young couple, Hugo and Erica, from our Saltillo Church were married a couple days after Christmas.

Erica and me.

The attendants forming an arch with flowers.

Pastor Dolores praying for the couple. One of the traditions here is to place a decorative rope around the couple, signifying that they are bound together as a single unit.

The bride's darling niece carries her train.


Gayle said...

What a nice Wedding!

Vonnie said...

Nice pictures!! I wish I would have gone now, but I was really tired that night! :)

sankey family said...

It was a beautiful wedding! Marc, Logan, Heidi and Katie could tell us about the reception..smiles..

sherryldickinson said...

A pretty wedding post, and your family picture at the bottom of your blog is too. Smile!
I am delighted to read of your missionary endeavors for Jesus.
Love, Sherry & Bud in Phoenix, AZ