Sunday, September 21, 2008


We have had so much rain here in Saltillo. The roads always get very flooded with mucky, muddy water. It makes traveling interesting! :-)

The traffic is nerve-wracking.

Forging ahead.

The street is flooded over the sidewalk and almost to the door of the little store.

Flooded street and a colorful bus!

We could barely see out the windshield for all the overspray.

All this rain makes it difficult to dry clothes outside on the line. Please help me pray that we can get a dryer soon.


david santos said...

Very nice pictures!!!

International day Peace

Lori said...

That certainly is a lot of rain, Wow! Traffic, nerve-wrecking? No, not in Mexico! :) We'll be praying that you can get a dryer.

Karen Walden said...

Oh my! That rain reminds me of the rain we got in Columbus on June 7th! Hope it didn't do any damage there.

Hope it works out for your dryer situation.

sankey family said...

I really hope you can get a dryer (and I really hope I can get one, too, when we get back)

Love ya!

Gayle said...

Wow! That is a lot of water to be driving in. We will pray you all get a dryer.

Vonnie said...

Was that the remnants of Ike? I didn't think you were supposed to get any of him... I thought he headed north. Anyway, sorry about the dryer situation... we'll pray!

collette said...

These scenarios are all too familiar in Mexico, aren't they? You NEED a dryer with winter coming up there...I am thankful for mine.

I also enjoyed your last post about Eli's graduation....we'll have to email him. Can't believe how Ervin has grown up into a young man.

Take care!