Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Steve found this interesting caterpillar outside the other day.

It's antennae kept going in and out as he tried to figure us out. :-)

It lifted itself up sometimes and we could see his little feet.

It has "false" eyes on top of its head. I assume that's to make it appear larger and more ferocious to predators.


Leah said...

Clayton found this very interesting.

~Heather~ said...

Very interesting caterpillar. That is funny about his "fake" eyes. Our God must have a sense of humor. =)

Thanks for your sweet comment and for praying for Bro. Jimmy. He and family indeed NEED lots of prayers today.

I know it's fun for me to read your and Melodie's blogs too for I find encouragement that someone else is facing some of the challenges that I am. Like no dryer and hoping/Praying/almost weeping that your clothes will DRY before they sour in the rainy weather and have to be washed again. ={
Keep encouraged in Jesus and have a great day!

Vonnie said...

Cute widdle cattypillar!!

Janet Sankey said...

Hey Beth...you and Steve should capture these creatures and save them for your "curio" display when you come home for deputation work. Who knows...they might be a real "hit"....but make sure they don't crawl or wiggle before you bring them home, okay? Love you, Mom....you are getting quite a collection!!!

Melanie C. said...

I do NOT agree with Vonnie's comment. Ewww...although, I do have to admit it is very interesting - just glad you are his neighbors and not me!