Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sherilyn's Wedding

We were able to attend Sherilyn and Andy's Wedding. Sherilyn is Steve's brother Darrell's daughter. It was a beautiful wedding and it was great to see so many family members and friends.

The Stetler clan

Kent and some friends at the reception

Sherilyn and Andy

Sherilyn, Merrilee, Darrell and Anthony

Gracie and Maria

Sherilyn and Andy with Darrell and Lizzie's kids

Beautiful Sherilyn

Joe Hough and Maria


I share a laugh with Kim C., Cleo S. (behind Kim), Kenny and Kent.

Joe and Maria


Spencer said...

cograts on the marrage!

Vonnie said...

Nice pictures!! So glad you were able to get to her wedding! Maria and Joe look cute together!

Melanie C. said...

Can you tell that "guy" to move farther away from MiMi (Maria)?? :-) No, just kidding...I think they look great and Maria looks so happy! Awesome! ...hard to believe, huh? I remember when I was still bossing her around and making her play church, fold clothes, etc....