Thursday, March 27, 2008

Planning Session

Rev. Sams showing off Melodie's famous chocolate fudge cake. Yum!!

Rev. Hedstrom with us at the RGBI guest house.

Eating pizza at the guest house.

It was a real joy for us to host our Mission Director, Rev. John Parker, and our Conference Presidents, Rev. Walt Hedstrom and Rev. Clair Sams. We had many meetings and discussions while they were here. They are Godly leaders and we appreciate them so much.


Missy said... many times has Melodie made that cake for everyone?! That is going to be on my "to do" list when they come to visit next. =) That and chiles rellenos. I think that is the way you spell it. She has made those before when she was here and they were yummy! Love...

Vonnie said...

So glad you had a nice visit with your leaders. The cake does seem to be getting around!!