Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sentimental Journey

Mom, Vonnie, me and Dad in front of the house where we lived in Monjas, Guatemala.
Kate and Heidi Bryan, Mom, Andrew, Drew and Vonnie Bryan, me, Kent and Dad in front of the hospital where Vonnie and I were born in Jutiapa, Guatemala. It is pretty primitive - we have a brave Mother!

Kent in Guatemala

Kate, Heidi, Vonnie and Mom

In front of the house where we lived in Guatemala City. By the way, Vonnie has 3 more boys, but they are little so it was wiser to make sure they were kept safely at home in Alaska.

Missing Marc in this family picture! :-( He and his family couldn't be with us because of their son, Logan's serious illness.

A beautifully painted bus in Guatemala City.

Helicopter Ride in Guatemala

While our family was in Guatemala over Thanksgiving, Kent was able to take a ride in Fausto Cebeira's helicopter with Lee Rickenbach, and my sister's husband - Andrew Bryan and their son - Drew.
Here are some fields in the Guatemalan countryside. Wow!

Here are some volcanoes on beautiful Lake Atitlan.

Drew and Kent

Monday, November 12, 2007

Life at RGBI

This is one of Steve's Spanish tutors. They work together one hour each afternoon.
This is Maria outside of our apartment at Rio Grande Bible Institute.

This is Kent inside our apartment. Excuse the laundry in the lower left. :-(

Here's a little lizard we found in our kitchen.

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Cold mashed potatoes and tamales, served at a youth retreat.
This is meat being cooked on a spit, the chef is shaving it off, then it's put on a tortilla and called "Tacos al Pastor."

These are gorditas, being fried in a vat of oil. The hand on the right belongs to a lady patting out tortillas. The dough for the tortillas (called masa) is in the bucket.

These are chiles rellenos, made by Melodie Sankey. They are green peppers, stuffed with cheese, coated with batter and fried - Delicious!

Clockwise: Taco, refried beans, rice, enchilada and guacamole.

A fruit market stand.

Clockwise: Grilled veggies, guacamole, enchilada, taco, refried beans and steak in the middle.