Monday, November 12, 2007

Life at RGBI

This is one of Steve's Spanish tutors. They work together one hour each afternoon.
This is Maria outside of our apartment at Rio Grande Bible Institute.

This is Kent inside our apartment. Excuse the laundry in the lower left. :-(

Here's a little lizard we found in our kitchen.


Springer Family said...

I'm not totally sure but I I think lizards might be better than mice!! LOL (Not much better, though)

~Heather~ said...

Enjoyed seeing some of y'all's life right now. I know that this time of schooling is BUSY, BUSY, BUSY, but God will help y'all through it and Steve will never be sorry that he took the time and effort to learn Spanish. (I know that God will help Steve, for he helped me, a wife and mother of 3 little ones. =)

Proud of y'all for what you are doing for Jesus.

Love, Heather =)

Vonnie said...

Steve - handsome
Maria - beautiful
Kent - gorgeous
lizzie - not so much!!!
Where's Beth???? Love ya'!!!!!!!

Kim M. said...

Great pictures! The boys would love the lizard.

Adam & Val said...

Lizards... :( I don't mind them when they are outside in their own home, but when they decide to come into my house...they must face death!!!

Ronda said...

Enjoyed the pictures! You have such a nice family! (Corey would love the lizards! I have never seen such a little one!) I will relay your message to the Englands! Happy Thanksgiving!

Steve Hight said...

I agree with Vonnie -- where's Beth?

Hey, Steve, at this point in time how would you evaluate the Rosetta Stone study that you did before going to the border?

Brenda said...

Mrs. Stetler - Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I just love Maria! She is so great to work with and a tremendous blessing to me here at GBS. -Brenda

Tracey said...

What a darling little lizard!! Thanks for including him!! I dont' think I've ever seen one that tiny.

Making Memories 1999 said...

I agree, where's Beth?

Thanks for your kind comment on our blog. It was so nice to have you stop by!! Have a great day!!