Monday, August 27, 2012

In Memory of Pastor Desiderio Lopez - Part #1

Our hearts are saddened with the passing of Pastor Desiderio Lopez. He gave of himself that others might know the joys of a life lived for God. Our prayers are with his family and church people. We miss him so much!

Pastor Desi gave his life to God in his 20s. He immediately began outreach ministries in the mountainous jungles of southern Oaxaca. He tirelessly walked through the dense growth, fording streams and making trails where there were none, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples of those who lived in darkness.

He founded the Iglesia Biblica Metodista in San Gabriel de Mixtepec, Oaxaca and it continues to this day as the largest Bible Methodist Church in Mexico. It is a growing, thriving congregation focused on outreach and church planting.

Our Institute President's wife, Isela Luna de Balderas, compiled these photos of a rally led by the Bible Methodists in San Gabriel. Pastor Desi has impacted this community for over 50 years and we are sure that his selfless, tireless efforts based in humility and fueled by passion will continue to touch lives into the future.

Pastor Desi and his wife, Eufemia; faithful in church planting and discipleship.

Pastor Desi, Steve Stetler and Conference President, Refugio Sanchez in Oaxaca in March 2012.

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