Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Food in Oaxaca

Grilled chicken and peppers, guacamole and refried beans in a restaurant.

Chiles rellenos, lettuce and tomatoes, refried beans and rice.

Mexican buffet restaurant.

Buffet meal in an open-air restaurant in Oaxaca City.

Cooking for the buffet over a wood-fired adobe stove.

Baked potato, vegetables and mushroom gravy topped beef.

Layered tortillas, refried beans, cabbage and salsa in a church member's home in San Gabriel. Most meals are served with coffee.

Venison mole (mexican "mo-lay," not the animal mole) :o) with the large tortillas that Oaxaca is known for, served in a home in Junta de los Rios. The small bowl holds coarse salt which you pinch (not shake) onto your food.

Eating mole together in a home in Las Palmas.

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Charity said...

Amazing to me that you guys look so good- I can only imagine what a diet like that would do to me ;o) Delish!