Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oaxaca Market - Part 2

Beans, corn and rice for sale at the city market.

Fish fresh from the Pacific.

Cakes and pastries.

Potatoes, cactus, corn and avocadoes.

Chicken, pig intestines and onions on the grill.

Cleaning out a pig's head.

Meat hanging in the market.

Fresh fruit for sale.


Stephanie Burley said...

The fish and "fresh" meat aren't too appealing to me, but those fruits and veggies are amazing! If I ever get out of Middle America, I want to be sure to visit one of those markets! :-)

Charity said...

Yum! Definitely a feast for the eyes! BTW, have you ever cooked one of those flat cactus leaves? I see them in the Mexican market here, but have no idea how you'd actually prepare one...