Saturday, March 24, 2012

Junta de Los Rios - Part 3

Finally, after several hours of walking through dense growth, up and down hills, through creeks and over rickety, swinging bridges, Steve and the other weary hikers see the chapel come into view.

Pastor Israel and his wife, Irmina, in front of the church.

Junto a Los Rios Bible Methodist Mission.

The "pews" are wood planks supported by rocks or stumps.

The congregation during prayer.

On the right are Shane Craycraft, Tim Keep and Marc Sankey.

The congregation poses for Steve as he takes a group photo in front of the chapel.

Pastor Israel and Shane wade through the creek ... again!

After the long hike back, Mark, Tim, Shane and Steve (not pictured) get in the truck to go back to San Gabriel.

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