Wednesday, September 28, 2011

La Boca - Part 2

Here are some of the beautiful faces we see in La Boca, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

A teen-age girl...

An elderly man...

Faithful ladies...

Faithful men...

Pastor Pablo with his grandson, Leonardo.

Friday, September 23, 2011

La Boca - Part 1

A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of worshipping with a great group of people in La Boca, Nuevo Leon. Several gathered around the front of the church for prayer.

Steve joined Pastor Pablo and some others in special prayer for this dear man.

Steve preaching during the evening service.

The people leaving the church and walking home.

We were so glad Maria was on vacation from school and was able to be with us during this visit.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

San Pedro

Pastor Pablo Hernandez from the San Rafael Bible Methodist Church, has felt a burden to plant a new church in tiny San Pedro, Nuevo Leon. This is the simple, adobe church building they are using to reach the people of this village.

In a nearby home, where they met for Bible Class, children show the craft project they completed and the new book they received, "Jesus, My Very Best Friend."

Kids kneel on the dirt floor and complete their projects on a wooden plank set on adobe and rocks.

17 children gather around a small table to learn about God and His love for them. "They are precious in His sight."

Pastor's daughter - Teresa, her son - Leonardo, Pastor's wife - Ofelia, and a village lady, help teach the children.

Please keep this new church plant and these hungry hearts in your prayers.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

San Rafael - Part 4

After church, we enjoyed a delicious Sunday dinner at the Pena home.

As is their usual custom, the hostess, women and children eat in the kitchen. (Pictured from [standing at] left are: Mrs. Pena, Mrs. Luna, Pastor Cedillo's wife and daughter-in-law, Pena, Luna and Cedillo children, and Mrs. Pena and Mrs. Cedillo's mother).

The guests and men are served first, usually in a different room. (Pictured from left are: Pastor Alejandro Cedillo, Daniel Luna, Daniel Pena, Beth and Maria Stetler and the pastor's son. Steve was taking the picture.)

Salad, milanesa (crispy, pan-fried meat - so, so good!), and tortillas. You may also notice the bowl of ice on the table, they don't use it much, but they know we like cold drinks - very thoughtful.

Carne guisada (diced meat in red sauce - one of my favorites!), salsa and Mexican rice.

Pastor Alejandro, Missionary Steve Stetler and Host Daniel Pena. Wonderful food, shared by wonderful people!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

San Rafael - Part 3

Scenes from the church van...

Every Sunday morning the pastor's son takes the decrepit, old church van out to pick up these beautiful kids...

Handsome boys ...

And pretty girls ...

What does the future hold for these dear children?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

San Rafael - Part 2

After Sunday School class, the children came back in to the church to tell what they learned.

Another Sunday School class. So cute!

A great group of kids!

Some of the older girls.

Some of the older boys.

Monday, September 5, 2011

San Rafael - Part 1

In July we were able to make a trip to the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. On Sunday morning we attended service at the Bible Methodist Church in the town of San Rafael.

This is their new annex, which was built in memory of Mike Butcher of the Port Clinton, Ohio Bible Methodist Church. Steve was able to help Saltillo Pastor Dolores on part of the construction of this building.

Pastor Alejandro, his mother-in-law, Daniel Pena and pastor's wife, Adalia, in front of the church.

The gravel road, desert scenery and beautiful mountains near San Rafael.