Tuesday, September 13, 2011

San Rafael - Part 4

After church, we enjoyed a delicious Sunday dinner at the Pena home.

As is their usual custom, the hostess, women and children eat in the kitchen. (Pictured from [standing at] left are: Mrs. Pena, Mrs. Luna, Pastor Cedillo's wife and daughter-in-law, Pena, Luna and Cedillo children, and Mrs. Pena and Mrs. Cedillo's mother).

The guests and men are served first, usually in a different room. (Pictured from left are: Pastor Alejandro Cedillo, Daniel Luna, Daniel Pena, Beth and Maria Stetler and the pastor's son. Steve was taking the picture.)

Salad, milanesa (crispy, pan-fried meat - so, so good!), and tortillas. You may also notice the bowl of ice on the table, they don't use it much, but they know we like cold drinks - very thoughtful.

Carne guisada (diced meat in red sauce - one of my favorites!), salsa and Mexican rice.

Pastor Alejandro, Missionary Steve Stetler and Host Daniel Pena. Wonderful food, shared by wonderful people!

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Brenda Marquez said...

Awwww! Some of our dearest friends are in these pictures! Thank you for sharing! Saludos a todos alli, pero especialmente a me hermano, Daniel Luna y su familia. Tambien a Daniel Pena y su familia. Its been too long since we've seen them all!