Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend in Saltillo - Part 2

We were able to take several boxes full of craft supplies for VBS, provided by a ministry led by Dr. Connie Palm, in Hobe Sound, Florida. Thank you, Dr. Palm, Louise Crouse and other helpers!

The items are very well organized and in Spanish! What a blessing!

Pastor Dolores Hernandez with the new speaker system for which the Saltillo Church raised the funds. We were able to purchase it in the US for a much better price than they could find in Mexico.

Pastor Dolores' daughter, Cynthia, with the VBS visual for the story of Jonah, that she drew and painted. She's very talented and we are praying that she will find and do God's will for her life.

Maria and I eating ice cream with the Hernandez family in the Saltillo parsonage.

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