Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bible Institute - Technology

During the Bible Institute Sessions in Mexico, we try to use a wide variety of quality, but low cost resources. Here is Rusty Rundell teaching his class on the book of Romans, using a Power Point presentation.

Steve showing several of the Pastors how to use the clipboard program on his computer to organize their sermon notes.

Explaining the benefits of the Power Bible CD, showing them the available Spanish versions of the Bible, along with how to use the study guides, take notes and prepare sermons.

Pastors and wives watching a video clip of the Music Class on Rev. Rundell's cell phone.

Steve explaining how to use the English/Spanish Translator, Dictionary and Thesaurus to Pastor Dolores and Pastor Bernardo.

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Charity said...

Good for you, guys! Enjoying seeing the pics of the Institute! Praying that you have a blessed day!