Friday, February 18, 2011

Flat Stanley Goes To Mexico

We were glad to participate in a class project called, "Flat Stanley." Stanley is sent to host families who take pictures of him participating in their daily lives. Here are some pictures of what Flat Stanley did when he visited us.

He got caught on a cactus called a nopal. The people of Mexico like to eat nopales. They scrape the thorns off, dice up the cactus and eat it like a vegetable. In the background on the left you can see an outhouse with a blanket for the door. The homes and churches in this area do not have indoor plumbing.

Stanley went across the bridge that spans the Rio Grande. About halfway over he got his picture taken on the boundary line between two great nations: the USA and Mexico.

After Sunday School Stanley got his picture taken with Fatima and Mariana.

Later he stood in front of a statue of a golden eagle - the national symbol of Mexico.

Stanley went to church in La Soledad. We were happy to take him to see the people whom we love in Mexico!


Lisa Messner said...

Very cute idea!! My youngest son loved the Flat Stanley books. I will have to tell him about his trip to Mexico.

Steve Hight said...

I recognized the Soledad church almost before I recognized Steve!

I guess I'll have to take Flat Stanley with me to Guatemala sometime. I bet the kids in the academy in Jalapa would love him.