Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dirty Water

Along with the cold weather, came a broken pipe, which led to the discovery that the water tank on the roof (which is our water supply) was lidless, which contributes to water that looks like this.

And this ...

And this!
The tank is now clean, but I am sick just thinking about showering, washing clothes, washing dishes and brushing my teeth in that sludge! UGH! :o(

Monday, January 25, 2010

Back in Mexico

We arrived at our home in Mexico on January 6th. It was very cold. Our homes have no furnaces so we huddled around a space heater. We had a little snow and quite a bit of frost.

Here are some frost covered bushes in our neighborhood. Nice subdued colors on the house pictured above, huh?! :o)

There was a little snow on the mountain tops for several days.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Last Few Days in the USA

On December 23rd, we celebrated Maria's 21st birthday. She is a junior at God's Bible College. We are so proud of her! The hardest thing about living in Mexico is leaving 1/4 of our little family behind.

We celebrated Christmas with my parents, Leonard and Janet Sankey, in Bedford, Indiana.

We said, "Good-Bye," to Maria and her great boyfriend, Joe Hough.

We loaded the Jeep clear to the ceiling. Kent barely had enough room to sit. :o)

And then we headed south.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stetler Family

Steve's parents: Kenneth and Jewel Stetler

Steve's oldest brother Dan's family: Chad Snider, Sarah, Aimee (Stetler) Snider, Joan, Paul, Dan, Julia, Elisa, and Mark Calderon.

Steve's 2nd brother, David's family: Sherry (Braisted) Stetler, Kendall, Marsha, David, Alicia, Kelly, and Benjie. Their son, Brent and his wife, Denisa, were not able to be with us for this picture.

Steve's 3rd brother Darrell's family: Andy and Sherilyn (Stetler) Stroud, Brant, Merrilee (Stetler), and Brett Luther, Darrell, Regina, Darrell III, Kenny, Lizzie (Schenck), Gracie, Heath, and Darrell II.

Steve's younger sister, Trilinda, and older sister, Frances.

Celebrating Christmas With The Stetlers

Steve's parents with their 6 children.

The whole family in front of the Stetler's home in Rising Sun, Indiana.

Finishing Up Our Share Support Tour

After our last service, with Pastor Darrell Stetler at the Burlington, Kentucky Bible Methodist Church, we had a great time of fellowship with Steve's family.

Our next-to-last service was with Pastor Bill Blair, at the Zanesville, Ohio Bible Methodist Church.

We had a great meal at Black Buggy, in Washington, Indiana with our Mission Director, John Parker and his wife, Cathy.